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Real-Time Discussions

Hello DHTML, know any good blockchain developer?
Hmn, no i do not know about this truly.
@Blockyy What do you want developed? A little insight won't be entirely bad.

What exactly do you need to be done?

I hope the dude is still available sha, but you never can tell.

I'm having serious issues here.

I'm using PHPMailer for my send mails for the newsletter script of a job site. They have been complaining that emails hosted on office365 or live or hotmail are not delivering to inbox but spam folder. All subscribers using emails within the domain are not receiving emails to inbox.

Please I need assistance on how to battle this situation. Worked all night but no resolution. 

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There is not much difference between phpmailer and swift mailer. But I observed this difference all the same, I cannot explain why I get a better result with swift mailer.
That is why I stopped using phpmailer to be honest. Even laravel uses swiftmailer by default, there must be a good reason for that.

Hmmm.... Let me look at Swift mailer and see

Swift mailer didn't solve the issue. PHP mail() didn't as well

In that case, you need to get a new IP address or smtp host. The one you are using has been black-listed and will keep entering spam.

I appreciate everyone that has reached out to me concerning our upcoming "GIGS" something. I dont have much information for the community on this at the moment, when I do, I shall share it.

you are most welcome, I had an error when trying to post on opera mini in the forum.

Pls I want to learn and earn a living with programming and other solutions associated with it. I have basic computer knowledge.
Cool, you have to start learning a programming language... You decide on what u like to develop then u choose the language...

Exactly as Ayo said, you need to learn the craft properly for starters. Then you can start earning with it, our GIGS feature is coming up very very shortly where developers can truly earn money with their skills.

You see a good programmer listens and looks for an opportunity to improve that person’s process, and every other person in the chain of events. A good programmer sees their vocation not as a burden, but as an opportunity.

Not my words ooo, someone on Quora said it.

#fact to be honest

Good day people, does anyone here know how to use oxwall/skadate CMS? I am trying to create a dating website.

Why not wordpress that has already made template

That is true, wordpress is a good option to use. Most Nigerians dont seem to know how to use this oxwall/skadate, but I know how to sha.
But I cannot explain it easily to a developer. You can check out their website oxwall.com and give it a shot.

dhtml led me hands on on what oxwall. Left to me, it was designed only for the creators to modify and extend, only bad ass programmer can take their time to figure how things work.

I will recommend wordpress too.

Guys, we need to do be organising competitions here now? What do you guys think?

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So many approvals, thanks guys.

I no sabi compete sha o, but I sabi judge smiles

Fire is one thing that developers need to be wary of. You can easily lose all your documents, hardware, software, work that you struggled so much to developer.

Thank god, for saving

Hey guys, One of the strengths of Laravel is it's flexibility. The fact that a developer/developers achieve the objective in several ways. Well, My question is, what's the best way to do validation logic?

A. In the Controller

B. The Model or

C. Using Form Requests

There is no hard and fast rule about validation. . . .I usually do my validation inside controller sha.

I've been doing same too and I even read from the docs that most times Form Requests are used for complex validations. Simple ones can be done in Controllers

Theme/UI Update: Africoders is now compatible with Opera Mini and UC Browser. Though the support is not 100% and will increase over time.
But it works well on google chrome, I have not done tests on all browsers, but that will happen over time. For now, this is where we are.
For the record, I restarted this new version of Africoders exactly 2 weeks ago with some support of some developer friends though.
So don't expect everything to be pitch perfect just yet. But I appreciate all the reviews, suggestions, bug reports, screen shots, advices e.t.c that you guys have been giving, they are really helpful.

To be continued. . . . . .
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Like seriously? I'm waiting for it lol :)

I will soon get an okrika spam bot to flush you out very soon.

That would be awesome :) btw, I can't find the smiley pack anymore, what happened?

bandagefireflushed err, you wont find it on mobile o.