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Real-Time Discussions

You mean when you write something, I can delete it? Hahaha, cyber bullying version 1.0
The button is not clickable, just won't gree work @dhtml
hehehe, hope you have been able to discipline the button? because e dey work for here o
Like when you answer me, I suppose comment below but button not clickable
The comment button under a post is not working for me
What happens to it when you click it?
I have seen the issue and resolved it too.
Then this front page won't be readable be that, messages would be flying down fast
Hahahaha, well, we can always upgrade now? I will just upgrade the something.
When I am to comment, that world map icon is overhanging, out of the space box for the icons (that is mobile view, or minimise your browser to see it.)
That is a very good point, i noticed it too - will fix it. Thanks
What happens when we start trolling in large numbers?
That question I cannot really answer, but I do know something sha - it will be a whole lot of fun when we get to that point. Imagine all kind of TROLLS happening all over the place.
Programmers, hackers, noobs e.t.c and jobs start trollin' in as well.
Whats up dude! you just dey troll everywhere you like!
Am Coming... In....

Where is the job section, I am looking for job o
Ha, dont worry, the jobs will soon start trollin' in.
Ah.... Just checking ni oo
Did you find anything?
I am still looking at the smiley something you were saying then o.
how far mista_cee?