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Real-Time Discussions

I tink you should remove the login / Sign up at the navbar

Resolved, thanks for pointing that out.

that is a good point

Wow the new PC design is very cool, but not functioning after clicking login he still remain at same place..

are you about it not functioning?

it seems to work last time i tried it. but it has now been removed.

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@dhtml someone cannot open mouth ? in peace again? Is that how u use to do?

He can open his mouth as he pleases o - if fly enter, no be my own concern.

Wawu. This place is niceter
thank you very much for that, it is still work in progress, we are nearing there.
React released new APIs called hooks. More like VueJS mixins, but more powerful than that. If there is something I love react for, it is the ability to control anything using JS. And still, JS is awesome!
No line breaks on mobile? Why? @dhtml. This is another WAWU
Lovely, I love the last part of it JS is awesome. It is ofcourse the bedrock of so many of it's variants and frameworks. Nice one by Facebook/React nway
Hmmm.. Lemme Be Going
Yes @mrcodes, JS is gives leverage to developers such that the limit a developer has is their imagination.
uhm uhm apologies to the mobile users, we are working on how to improve things. Many of the mobile users have been registering their complaints, and I am noting them and working heavily on them.
Wow, this is great! Welldone @dhtml! Team Africoders for life! Let the programming issues keep pouring in, we are right here to solve em all
You are welcome, let's see how things roll from here.
Hey it's nice to be here. Just a quick question, has anyone tried REACT JS and VueJS. I have resolved in using REACT JS though for my project, I just want to know what my other Africa coders think of these tools. Thanks
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@dhtml @solesty7 is my guy @limistah good one

All of you are most welcome, sorry I would have greeted earlier but was busy staging some stuffs on the navigation items.

No bad feelings.

thank you very much, and welcome once again.

Announcement: I am working on an upgrade feature and things are bound to scatter a bit. 
You can just login with your regular accounts and passwords (no need to reset password), social logins still work (though some of the handles have been removed).

The updates are rather subtle, and you may just not notice them unless you have been paying really good attention.

New Features/Updates
- security feature to throw out other logged in accounts when you change password
- implementing a proper search algorithm, no longer using the google cse stuff which does not really give the result in the proper format. 
- the profile avatar setting has improved. Now you can have your original picture and recrop anytime you like, plus the cropping is better than before and easier too.
- the forum parent categories now display, so you can see if a board is under web design or programming
- Previously, comments do not have a link of their own and are therefore not shareable, but that has been changed in this update.
- The tagging and mentions have not ben working for sometime, but that again has been fixed. So if I say @jenny please check out my new post on #drupal - jenny will actually receive a mention (which she can view on the user menu under your avatar or top right corner of desktop mode), and drupal is added to the hash tags.
- And oh, you can now view all the hashtags under the explore menu i.e https://africoders.com/hashtags
- And oh, the hashtag and mentions work site-wide, forums, blogs, everywhere you post and reply.
- The explore menu when you can view it allows you to jump to areas and post different entries without much clicks.
- Dont forget to check your notification settings because notifications are already collating and will soon start broadcasting for real
- And of course some minor features that are just too tiny to mention e.g. de-ajaxifying the home page (some people wont just like this), but for search engine's sake

Coming really really soon
- Notifications: web notifications you can see on the website, push notifications, and email notifications
- Messaging: yeap, you can send DM to a person
- Following / followers: that is right, you can follow people too

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Alright, I will update my profile as soon as I get on my machine

You are welcome, and I appreciate your coming once again.

I want to appreciate all the reports trolling in, they have been most helpful in knowing the areas to direct concentration.

where are the trolls themselves?

Feliz Semana guys, hope you have a lovely weekend.

I wish you a happy weekend too, kudos on the great job.

A.I M.L in Nigeria We as developers in Nigeria have a penchant to consume both trends and tools used mostly by our brethren from the other side. We consume latest frameworks and libraries then go to meetup and vehemently defend our favourite and troll the rest. Without actually contributing to the creation of these technologies.
The latest in this spree of consumption is the whole A.I M.L trend, I have been wondering if I do jump into this wagon like I do before now, but it got me wondering whether the Nigerian space has really grown to the extent it requires A.I an M.L, or are we as techies just chanting along with our brethren from the other side again.
I recently saw this tweet by mark and it perfectly fit into my thought process.
Paypal was invented in 1998, 19 years ago. While Paystack was just founded in 2015!
My Final thoughts: We have too many basic needs yet to be solved in Nigeria which has been solved years ago in the obodo abroad (intentional), lets stop swallowing trends and focus on real domestic problems which require solutions.
Note: This does not mean I know better, just another programmer with a keyboard.
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@dhtml if you know the right people and the right people know you
Aha, i thought so too.
Well, that is how things roll for naija, pretty tough environment.
"Good news" This is indeed a Good News To My Fellow Participants On TWINKAS, I just opened a new TWINKAS and I was Activated to Receive Payment before the end of day, so many testimonies about paying back, I was so happy when I hard TWINKAS is back paying so I say let me give it a try and I contacted the ADMIN number (09067945464) Mrs HALIMAT by name and she was the one that opened the Account for me and merge me to Received Payment of 300% Bonus Within 6hrs, I was scared at first and wanted to withdraw back but I began to have intera conflict within myself, one mind said go ahead and do it after all you got the information from a different reliable source and the other was trying to bring me back, to cut the story short I took the risk of putting in money as she directed and now I have collected my complete #300,000 just this morning, now I'm saying out for you to go get yours also, this is social media and I can not bring myself down so low to start broadcasting a fake stories I'm more than that in Jesus name, they are also giving payment to dose who encounter challenges on their old accounts now, you can contact the God fearing mother that help me out on 09067945464 and thank me after, I remain my humble self have a nice day ahead.

These people swallow my money one time like that, I just left my account and ran away. I only came to experiment mind you, because I had to develop something similar to twinkas, so I just used them as a case-study.

I thought this should have died by now

I think it died and came back again
The new one is NNU. wondering how that thing works.