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Real-Time Discussions

As a beginner to PHP, what are the required things one needs to know and understand before taking up a framework like laravel.

I have been patient for months to understand the basics, how most php functions works, creating my own custom functions, understood CRUD application, migrated to using PDO and prepare statements, to mention few.

I read from a forum that OOP background is also needed, though am currently working towards learning that.

Can anyone provide a roadmap or milestone ?
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Yes, a framework is not a beginner thing. @dhtml has completed it. Once you get a hang of the basic, and at the intermediate stage, target creating one. You will be amused at what the magic a language can do, but you can not just assimilate as a beginner. Take your time and explore, the awesome experience is coming, when your code will run and you will be feeling like you are in a NASA's Space Station.

Writing a framework is the work of developers that have a whole lot of experience and have done a lot of things.
If not, you will write a framework that will slow you down drastically, and it wont make sense that way.
I have a general rule of building stuffs like frameworks, you need to have used others extensively and if you believe you can build something better.

And as a learning resource? Can it be attempted as in this case?

Yes it can, you can build it gradually as you develop in experience. But before you can really make it useful for others to use, you need to have gathered a whole lot of experience.

Python / php argument will never end
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Am yet to see why some python devs can die on top python

Its only amateur coder that would say i love this language it is better than this language. every language has their unique strength, weakness and area of application.

well spoken like a true programmer!

A child that has not seen another father's farm will say his father's is the largest in the world. Let them explore and comeback to tell this again.
Hi Africoders!. I'm new here. What is your best programming language?.
That is how all this python devs will be shouting python up and down asif if dey see real python dey will stay.
How do you programmers relax when you are stressed out and cant code?
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tl:dr I play games

I used to Need For Speed - Most Wanted during my Windows days but now, if I don't play Nibbles I'll play Iagno. I just abandon torn.com after being punished for multiple accounts.

Any shoot em up; military styled  game does it for me.

Action movies or a novel

How do you tackle a stubborn MySQLi issue where SELECT statments work and INSERT statements doesn't?

This below produces 'false'

$stmt = "INSERT INTO registered_customer (email) VALUES('hello')";
var_dump(mysqli_query(con::db(), $stmt));

Tell me what could be wrong

// Use an if statement to check for detailed error messages.

assuming you already have a $con variable for your connection

if (!mysqli_query($con, "INSERT INTO registered_customer (email) VALUES ('hello')"))
  echo("Error description: " . mysqli_error($con));

Doesn't work. No error messages gets displayed.

kindly check the email field data type, if unique from the table and ensure it supports strings of that length and do double check your db connection and possibly the table name too...

@mrcodes. It doesn't work because you are copying my codes verbatim??? Where is your connection variable? Then if no error gets displayed; then it worked; unless of course once again you are not calling the connection properly. Do well to paste the source code that has this issue if possible from top to bottom, so we can replicate it.

Which singular programming language bring you the most cash out of all the stacks you use?

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@4kings, I do UI/UX design, been working with UI/UX experts, they give me their design, I turn them into real code
What is on your mind right now? Share it right here!
Some bugs are so weird
Am new here, Good to be here

You are welcome, nice having you here.

Thanks boss, You are a blessing

You are most welcome.