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GoLang His Really making wave in this industry

Are you sure about that? what exactly is it doing?

i watched a YouTube video yesterday and it was classified among the top 5 

Might be and might not. Other popular languages are not considered here


I wan Just wondering his their Job space for front end developer that has only Html and css Knowledge 

Hian, i have never heard of that one o.

Me too bro.. Never heard of it

Well I know alot of them, but not here in Nigeria. https://twitter.com/SaraSoueidan is one of them. There was a time devs were making fun of how CSS is hard to do for them https://twitter.com/hashtag/CSSisHARD?src=hash, these designers are protecting it and making the world know how much it is paying their bills, and they know nothing other than CSS. As I have shared with DHTML Nigerian ecosystem is not supporting all these. Most projects that you will be walking into will expect that you can do HTML, CSS, JS, PHP/NODE, ANDROID. And pay you as less as they can negotiate. Narrowed specialization (knowing so much of little things, e.g doing just JS/CSS/NODE/PHP) is not yet as relevant as it should be in our ecosystem.

Guys please I am in need of a job

Intern/junior Nodejs developer

Remote or in Lagos

Help a brother biko

Bro see this job offer i saw  on Twitter u can send ur CV to them... Wish u Good Luck

hehehehe, let us see how it goes.

no mind am jare

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yes o, that will be fixed in future upgrades

Biko fix asap
Biko fix asap

Cant fix asap unfortunately, it will be fixed in the next build which is already work in progress. Many things are going to be upgraded.

Damn, I hate deadlines, they are like online SARS...

#EndSars ๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜ฉ

Lolz which sarz again

Creating E-commerce Website from Scratch Or Using WordPress Which his More advisable
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And what happens to custom coding?

Thank You All, I think i will go for custom coding

That is what I recommend to be honest, custom coding

Sure boss. Many are losing the coding culture. Give out a snippet to someone to modify and use and you'll end up doing the entire modification because it's not drag and drop. Many are gradually forgetting their codes but they don't understand it's happening.

Happy new year people!
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Same to you...We Pray that our codes will Flourish this year.

Amen, may your codes not throw too many errors.

Who his into mini importation Business here

The only thing i import is CODES!

?, boss don't forget u haven't give me my gift oo

I use to import CSS too, but i was told that it's a bad idea.


Wait can I use emojis? ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

The emojis something be like NEPA, e go work sometimes, e no go work sometimes

Hi Besties on #Africoders. Welcome to 2019!

At Bestnaija this 2019, we decided to go the .NG way. We termed it the #HomeComing #Originality #ProudlyNaija @ https://bestnaija.ng/

Thanks @DHTML. Keep the fire burning.

gracias my amigo