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Thu 08 Nov, 2018 11:58 pm

Are you a web developer in search for a good / reliable computer? if Yes then you are at the right place.

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But at First when i wanted to start learning i decided to buy A computer unfortunately confusion came in which should i buy Laptop Or Desktop. 

Web development means writing tons of Code's, just few months into it, and you will find yourself in the indoors coding & trying to catch deadlines. Web communities are also full of meetups and meetings. In any way you will probably want to choose laptop instead, for mobility reasons.


This is something you want to focus on. This is the part of computer that executes your code, but not only that, it also runs all programs that you use. I am currently using i5 processor and very often I find it being at 100%, especially when I write scripts to process data as fastest as possible by using all resources it needs. In any case, if you want your computer to perform, get a better CPU. My recommendation would be Intel i7-7700HQ.


You will definitely need one in order to be able to use 3 screens (laptop screen included). But I wouldn’t spend too much on GPU unless you are deeply involved with designing. I would go with any NVIDIA card on the market. However, since web is evolving and you are interested in VR, then you should get a better one.


As for web development, I wouldn’t recommend going below 8GB of RAM.Running development environment on your local machine with various services such as databases will eat your RAM. If you use Atom text editor, or perhaps Visual Studio Code, these are based on chromium, these are like browsers. Browsers may eat a lot of RAM, and you will use them a lot.

Hard disk?

SSD is a must. I am currently running HDD on my job laptop and it’s terrible experience. Compared to my PC, my laptop is running terribly slow. And most parts of my PC are over 10 years old. Basically, SSD will make your computer much faster (remember that most stuff are not held in RAM, and these are fetched from hard disk, OS boot time included. And if you are going to do any backend, or data processing tasks, you will do heavy I/O which is lifted by your hard disk. If you want to invest more into this, you can even consider adding M.2 SSD to the set.

Source: Quora