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Setting up Visual Studio Code

Wed 02 Aug, 2017 04:18 pm
Getting up and running with VS Code is quick and easy. It is a small download so you can install in a matter of minutes and give VS Code a try.Cross PlatformVS Code is a free code editor which runs on the Mac OS X, Linux and Windows operating systems.Follow the platform specific guides below: VS Code is lightweight and should run on most available hardware and platform versions. You can review the System Requirements to check if your computer configuration is supported.Additional ComponentsVS Code is an editor first and foremost and prides itself on a small footprint. Unlike traditional IDEs with everything but the kitchen sink, you can tune your installation to the development technologies you care about. Be sure to read the Additional Components topic after reading the platform guides to learn about customizing your VS Code installation.ExtensionsVS Code extensions let third parties add support for additional: Extensions integrate into VS Code’s UI, commands, and task running systems so you’ll find it easy to work with different technologies through VS Code’s shared interface. Check out the VS Code extensionMarketplace to see what’s available.Proxy Server SupportMany enterprises require that their computers run behind a proxy server and don’t allow direct access to the Internet. A proxy server intermediary can limit access to the VS Code Extension Marketplace and prevent installing VS Code extensions.

If you’d like to getting something running quickly, try the Node.js runtime walkthrough which will have you debugging a Node.js web application with VS Code in minutes.Common QuestionsQ: What are the system requirements for VS Code?A: We have a list of System Requirements.Q: How big is VS Code?A: VS Code is a small download (< 100 MB) and has a disk footprint of less than 200 MB, so you can quickly install VS Code and try it out.Q: How do I create and run a new project?A: VS Code doesn’t include a traditional File > New Project dialog or pre-installed project templates. You’ll need to add additional components and scaffolders depending on your development interests. With scaffolding tools like Yeoman and the multitude of modules available through the NPM package manager, you’re sure to find appropriate templates and tools to create your projects.Q: How do I know which version I’m running?A: In Linux and Windows, choose Help > About. In OS X, use Code > About Visual Studio Code.



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