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So you have a php script you wish to keep running forever

Create bash file -


ps aux | grep '[d]aemon.php'

if [ $? -ne 0 ]


    php /home/acct/public_html/daemon.php


Create a cron job for every minute

* * * * * /bin/sh

or run it this way on CLI: 
nohup /bin/sh &

But when the system reboots, it is gone

The best way to start is to do this: sudo port list sudo port selfupdate sudo port search --name --glob 'php*'Check amongst this out for the version that supports your php.sudo port install php**-intl
Almost every-time, I meet people who want to become programmers!

You can learn programming in many ways, by reading articles, by watching videos, by reading books.

You can get thousands of videos on any programming topic on youtube. And you can also learn a lot on sites like w3schools, lynda and others.

You can even go for online courses on codecademy, udemy and the likes.

Whatever the language, just get started today!!