PHP refuse to die despite all expectations from those who assumed years back. As …

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PHP refuse to die despite all expectations from those who assumed years back.

As a developer who his scope is not limited to this nation alone, will you advice him to drop the language (php) or continue with it. If your advice is to learn a new language, what will it be ?

Php is a language that's much limited to web application only, and the technology is gradually fading off, my aim is to pick up JavaScript and learn it fully because web developers now write the entire frontend and back end with JavaScript, JavaScript can also do mobile app and in some case used for desktop application (electron.js).

A confused developer needs your advice


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    php has full function on web development than anyother language intended for web development. Only just that you dont \tknow
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    NodeJS seems to be the stack people consider for modern projects
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    Free Code Camp seems to think that javascript is the way to go. I wouldn't know as I am still a noob. But I seem to be enjoying JS much more than any other language that I have tried before.
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    @micakin , node js is a new tech, though some companies are using it. i will advice tthat is should never be anybodies first language.

    php is the best language for web development it give you chance to handle things just the way you like. php blends easily with javascript and html and other tech like json and xml. the sky is your limit with php.

    though alot of people might look at php programmer as a script kiddies then any body doing believing that now has a cheap brain. ever since php 7+, the game of php has change so much that php and languages like java and c# are rated just side by side.

    The only reason most enterprise will never want to use php then are.

    1. php give you oppurtunity to write bad codes if you are not a good programmer.

    2. php could hard to maintain expeciallly when it comes to organisation

    3. php initially was built just to perfect few thing on the web not to fully flag a backend purpose but it turn out to be people chioce and lots of things needed to be perfected.

    now the above listed issues are no more if you follow the trend and code writely..

    php frameworks change the game and even those critics are now using laravel daily to build work class app know it is the best invention in the world of programming for the past few years.

    you cant get the best of php without using php 7+, trying some of it framworks, and learning all about bad bad php practices.

    php remain the best web programming language and thats the reason its still leading.
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