Africoders First Competition

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This is a recap mind you this post was made at Nov 10, 2018 on Nairaland before the second ban on africoders:

Winners goes home with N 30,000, second goes home with 20k, third goes home with 5k.

If you wish to sponsor, please indicate your interest and how much you wish to contribute. If we get sponsors, the prices can go up.

How do you get this money?

No strings attached, no conditions, no sentiments. There is going to be a challenge by 28th of the month expires for submission. The winner of the challenge will be the one to take the mentioned amount in Nigerian Naira into their bank account. Runner up may receive some recharge card/airtime.

Is it for only developers?

No, I don't know yet, in this case, we may need the review/comment of you all to let us decide if we should open this for designers as well(by making it a designers' competition)..

What programming Language can I use?

You can use pretty much anything you like, native android, phonegap, xamarin, or anything at all. Even web apps are allowed for that matter.

You can do a desktop application as well.

How do we know the winner?

Their will be some judges which their names will be mentioned here, our judges will be rating your application (over 100%) according to:
1. Code neatness
2. Glitches of the Application
3. Followed rules for the challenge
4. Code consistency

How do I register for the competition?

You can register on this thread by putting:
1. Your full name
2. Your technology e.g. Native Android developer, web developer, desktop application development
3. Your gender

Deadline for registration?

This will be on 20th of this month; 12:00 noon. So we will be updating this post with the names of people that have registered so we can know how many of us are in the bus.

Is this opened for Pro Programmers?


Where will the project be hosted?

You must be registered on Bitbucket, like I said earlier, this is going to be a learning curve for beginners, I may be posting some tutorials here(if needed) on how to post the project on Bitbucket. At least, some of you can know how to do versioning.

Are corrections allowed?

No! so you can learn fast, learn how to test your application. Corrections will be posted when the winner has been announced

Are Frameworks allowed?

Yes, but specify which Framework you are about to use while you register for the competition.


This challenge will serve as a very opened class and learning curve for everyone here whether you are a beginner or not. From the comments by the judge(s), you will add one or two things to your experience. The only way programming can move forward in Nigeria is to share knowledge known in which we are lagging behind. Some people may be watching behind the scenes too, so you may be employed from here. Impossible is Nothing.


None for now.

When will the challenge be out?

Soon when we reach a conclusion, so our deadlines may not be strict for now.


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