Things you can do in programming world without coding that can bring you good and great return

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i will be sharing on this trend things you can do in programming / software engineering environment that can give you lots of return and some time give you reputation that most programmers dont earn esily.

this trend is going to be a long trend so sit back and relax as i will be giving daily update for the next 31 days. your contributions are highly welcome in this discussion.


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    i have seen alot of guys applying for programming job and they get turned down but if they had applied fro something else in that same organisation they will have gotten employed and have the oppurtunity so switch/join the programmers team of that organisation but displaying ther programming skills and talent.

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    Most things that we dont really value as a programmer are the real thing paying out well for the smart once among us, coding is not the talent that a programmer has, like the real people says "Any body can sing", yeah that true abut this too "Any body can code", even is no to goto w3schools and learn hello world dont get angry if such person call himself a programmer the following day.

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    programmers talent is not knowing how to write code and mastering programming language a potiential programmers talent is LOGICAL THINKING, GREAT SENSE OF IMAGINATINAL, ANALITICAL MIND. programmers talent is the brain that ask it self question he has no answers for, seek for the answers and ask more questions and it goes in that loop.

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    This is my question to you, do you now think that such talent is only meant for just programming alone in software development environment? i await your comments africoders

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    The main challenge of getting jobs is the difficulty in assessing the true skills of a programmer.
    This is why a developer needs to have a means of show-casing your talents, even if you dont have a portfolio, create website and apps for yourself so that a person can objectively highlight your talent.

    Having said that, you also need to package your CV in a way that it will appeal to people in the environment you are targeting.

    That is my own tips.

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    i will be updating this post soon, am sorry for the delay

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