Reasons i might no seek a programming job

ensodevensodev Posts: 65
  1. i dont want to be limited to a particular learning curve
  2. I cant limit my responsibilites to the world as a programmer, i am a problem solver and solving just on problem or lots of problem just in one place seems not to be my thing, cos others there can do the same why cant i spread my feathers.
  3. No amount of money you can give, it all boils down to am still more valueble than that. even if i turn out to be the highers paid programmer in the world.
  4. Am more of an enterprenue than a programmer and programming skills is to urgument my journey as an enterprenue
  5. i cant be a programmer for life but i can only code for life, dont get confused, i cant be a serious coder for the rest of my life but i can always code for a good reason for the rest of my life, wait again let me break it down, at 60 i cant be coding for my company but i can just pick up a bug at of all and ask my CEO to let me deal with that. lol
  6. Have never seen perfect codes, i only see worst codes and codes that are getting better.
  7. i will not have much time to guilde people and help build others talents.
  8. i want to be at home 24hrs with my pickup my kids fron sch and have my wife on planty of widow shoping if we have to leave our home, i dont want to miss church programming or thinking about my boss reaction while listen to sermon or having fun with my wife and children.
  9. i want to change how enterprenue thinks and handle their employees in africa, nost dont value thier employee, they forget that the employees are the runing blood in the vains of the company.

  10. the above should not be immitated, unless if you have what it takes to make it happen. whallah no come tell me say ne @ensodev take this and that ooo. remeber time wait for no man and life is too short for you to not be sincere with yourself in life.


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