Getting Started with Waves Blockchain - Easy!

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We would get started with Waves explanation in general. Waves is developing tools for building the decentralized technology layer that will become the backbone of Web3.0 - our future digital landscape.
Web3 will see progressive decentralization of critical online infrastructure, making extensive use of blockchain and other distributed technologies, while centralized servers continue to maintain key services and conduct computationally-intensive tasks.
The result will be the best of both worlds: an online environment that delivers the functionality and user experience to which we have grown accustomed, while users remain in full control of their personal data and digital identities.
After reading of I'd advice to visit official website where tons of useful information can be found as well. Also, all technical details are mentioned on the official documentation, especially the explanation of Waves-NG protocol is important thing to get acquainted with there.

What you should know about Waves Blockchain
* Decentralized and open sourced blockchain
Github repository

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