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VS code keyboard shortcuts

rexxierexxie Posts: 5

Here is a compilation of some VS code keyboard shortcuts, feel free to add yours.

shift+ctrl+↵ Insert line above
ctrl+↵ Insert line below
shift+ctrl+K Delete line
shift+alt+UP Copy line up
shift+alt+DOWN Copy line down
alt+UP Move line up
alt+DOWN Move line down
shift+ctrl+] Unfold region
shift+ctrl+[ Fold region
ctrl+[ Outdent line
ctrl+] Indent line
shift+ctrl+\ Jump to matching bracket
alt+↵ Select all occurrences of Find match
ctrl+D Add selection to next Find match
shift+F3 Find previous
F3 Find next
ctrl+H Replace
ctrl+F Find
shift+alt+LEFT Shrink selection
shift+alt+RIGHT Expand selection

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