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What Exactly Is PHPBrowserBox

dhtmldhtml Posts: 27
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PHPBrowserBox is a standalone windows browser that runs an internal php/mysql and allows you to package your web apps like a windows desktop app.

It supports HTML5 and NODE.JS commands via its node webkit interface.

How it works:
It does not need an installation, you just run it directly from a pc, you can even run from your flashdrive. And it does not conflict with regular servers like wamp or other apache server.

Once the browser loads, it starts its internal php server and displays the default index.php almost immediately.

You might learn more from the project website


  • It works like an emulator for PHP/MySQL applications
  • Runs without installation on all versions of windows
  • Does not conflict with existing servers like wamp
  • Supports PHP 7.0.8, MySQL5.7 and SQLite3 Database

You will find the project here :

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