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What material would you recommend for a person just starting with javaScript?
I will recommend http://www.w3schools.com to learn the basics. We are in Nigeria, where internet is nearly not available, a good PDF ebook would be reasonable which I will say Javascript the definitive guide - It is lengthy(I call that test of patience, which is a quality of a good programmer), it is detailed and has loads of exercises for practice. Short PDFs would be Javascript the good parts, the You don't know JS series and Speaking Javascript
Oh great, I will take a look at it
Tutorialspoint offer good beginner-focused ebooks on almost all(if not all) popular languages and libraries. Remember that an ebook cant teach u everything so, once in a while check the documentation to increase or knowledge.
And turialspoint is good too.
I am am recently picking javascript as my second language, i will take your suggestions into serious consideration. I was initially skeptical about w3schools and tutorials point because i see a few outdated stuffs in them and considering how fast paced javascript moves, i don't want to learn a language and only realize that I am already outdated while starting.
Those sites won't teach ES6 or ES5 as part of their tutorials because of compatibility issues with browsers. Modern js is a bit advanced.

In order to grasp ES6 you need a fundamental js knowledge. Mostly what new JS introduces are syntactic sugar - a better way to write something, but does the same function.

I will advise following up the ladder from the old syntax and in no time you'd be writing your own awseome JS library too.

Fact as taking it your second language, then you know much about coding already. Just something weird concepts of js that you need to understand and that's all.

Don't blame js for these, blame it's flexibility.
Sololearn is also very good..I learnt HTML/CSS/javascript/ and python from there..
Lemme check it out. Just hearing this for the first time
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