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On the subject of bugs, I want to apologize for any inconveniences caused to anyone at all. There are some areas of this site that is undergoing changes and this sometimes cause issues with some other areas.
But all the same, I appreciate you all, and your presence here mean a whole lot to me too.
=> Can we just have Reply btn to be at Top and Bottom of the forum page

=> Initial Load of the Reply page hide the upper part of the page, might be css overflow issue on the body
body { background: #edf5fa; margin: 0px; [b]overflow-y: hidden;[/b] }
This is a very good option, I shall work on these.

That's it.

I appreciate your report, all these things are being worked on to give a better user experience.
#suggestion @dhtml Consider the css below for profile picture display. 
*FIXES:* If no picture is available, it cause text overlapping on content

Code:.statuses-media .user-picture img{  margin: 0px;   min-width: 40px;   min-height: 40px;   display: block;   background: #ccc;   overflow:hidden } #status-picture {   float: left;   height: 40px;   width: 40px; } #statuses a.username { font-weight: 600}

Now Let me test if Mark down for **bold** and _italic_ will work
No markdown again, only bbcode site-wide. I have applied your stylesheet. Let me know how it goes.

There was a bug in the forum listing, the most active stuff was not working, but i have resolved it.
Na so bb code take all the width, not allowing me to have smiley inline. I will go and tell Seun what you have done.

ONE: Abracadabra .... My magic see the link below your name shall appear as the last poster even though you have not commented on it

https://web.africoders.com/forums/general (other forum category has same issues)

Step to produce the error => https://i.imgur.com/AperNEe.png

TWO: The Forum is confusing at //africoders.com/forums. Assuming that page is showing latest/feature Topics, how do i go to //africoders.com/forums/web-development-design right from //africoders.com/forum

I will recommend that //africoders.com/forums follows traditional pattern of listing:

Forum Category

__Forum 1

__Forum 2

While the current design should be given Featured


thanks for this contribution my good friend, it shall be looked into.

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