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After finishing the sendex tutorial..I have created my first app...
In the 3months or so after gaining experience i will work on africoders mobile app

Here's the code
#kivy.require('1.10.0') from kivy.app import App from kivy.uix.screenmanager import ScreenManager,Screen,FadeTransition from kivy.lang import Builder from kivy import Config Config.set('graphics','multisamples','0') class SymbolScreen(Screen): pass class AdvancedScreen(Screen): pass class ScreenManagement(ScreenManager): pass presentation = Builder.load_string(''' # : kivy 1.10.0 #: import FadeTransition kivy.uix.screenmanager.FadeTransition ScreenManagement: transition: FadeTransition() SymbolScreen: AdvancedScreen:
Interesting, where is the link to the app?
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