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If you are a Drupal developer like yours truly, you should know what drush is about, but just in case you do not, well, you might want to check here - http://www.drush.org/en/master/

Just in case you happen to be running a drupal 7 installation still, you should look at installing version 7.0.0-alpha5
Otherwise, just install the latest version.

To know the version of drush you have installed:
$ drush status

To clear all caches, you might try
$ drush cache-clear all
Am Here to Learn sha
You are most welcome my friend. Happy learning.
This time, while trying to restore a drupal site from database. Site contents, everything gone, all i had was the poor database.
So i did a blank installation of drupal, swapped new database with backups, looked for required modules and placed them where they should be, then
$ drush cache-clear all
I got hints, warnings, modules missing, got them all and replaced and finally no more errors.

I tried logging in as admin, but was locked out by captcha so i had to disable captcha like this:
$ drush pm-disable captcha

And this leads to the next problem, forgotten password:

I have to use this command to reset the drupal admin password
$ drush upwd --password="NewPassword" admin
How to install all missing dependencies:
$ drush qup-dl-md
Requires the use of this module - https://www.drupal.org/project/quickupdate
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