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Till date, this is a topic of debate for most new / amateur level programmers. Should one start from scratch or should one use a framework?

Please note that it is absolutely normal to have this question in mind even as a semiprofessional polyglot programmer so don't be shy about it and feel free to ask questions.

What is a framework;

[My Definition]: A framework is anything built to aid rapid application development or a set of preexisting bootstrap application distributed as a layer on top of a language to ease development and reduce workload. Now that you know what a framework is, you should know that even though it was built to reduce workload it can do the direct opposite when using it on the wrong project.

When should I use a framework
If the entire project will not be more than a few pages with minimal database dependency, then you're better off doing the project from scratch or using a mini-framework but if the project will definitely require tons of database transactions, and require tons of functionalities and techniques..then you better use a framework.
I nod my head in pity these days when I see some "so called" developers saying they are building the next Facebook, but when I ask what stack/framework they're using they say it's from scratch only to code for one year and find out what a joke their idea was from start.
Note: I said earlier, that being confused about which to use is okay, but following the wrong path due to confusion shows how ignorant and lazy one is given that resources like Google are readily available. Frameworks were built to make things easier and to "technically" make you lazy so why should you even be lazy about learning a framework when it also means more jobs for you?
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There are so many frameworks that I doubt whether there's a single language on the planet without one, simply do your own research and find the one that suits you.
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