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Hello Bosses in the House i need hep. 

have been working on my first webproject  which i use HTML CSS and Bootstrap,  now am done with the front end my problem now is making the registration page and login work in hands with my database.

Successfully connected my registration page with with database now i dont know the next step to take.


Hmn, that is very interesting really. Can you give us an idea of what you are trying to do with that your first project?


a school website, student should be able to login and it will redirect to their dashboard and also register 


Not a very hard thing, draw out your work flow, login, register, forgot password e.t.c have an idea of what you wish to do clearly, you will get it that way.


i don't understand what u mean by Work flow.... But have finish the html and css part all i need now is the Query codes, For example... if a user register it should show  the datas in the dashboard


You can draw out the plan of what you are trying to do, some people call it a flow chart.
1. A landing page to show login to the school by an admin
2. A page for the admin where the admin carry out tasks such as add class, add teacher, add student
3. Carrying out the add class task
4. Carrying out the add teacher task
5. Creating a landing page where a teacher can administer a class e.g. add a student, add results of the student
That is a basic example of a work plan. Then you start working on your task step by step.


i tink what u just mention  now is huge for me... because this is my first project i decided to make it a little bit easier for me..... 

and i have design the landing page for user when dey login 


You dont have to follow exactly what I say, I am just trying to explain to you what I meant by a work-plan. As a programmer, you need to draw out a work-plan before you start work.


Okay sir, Now i Understand 


you are welcome

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