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The best tool for this as far as I know is https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.andi.serverweb&hl=en

I believe that you can find some solutions here too https://stackoverflow.com/questions/6571911/running-amp-apache-mysql-php-on-android

Please share your experiences on this matter (if any).
I use Palapa Web server. Never used Andi server before though. But then I was searching for a php mysql solution in one app, and palapa came to rescue.
Let me try dt cuz I've been looking for a way since
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U can also use penguin web server for Android, it's way better than palapa in terms of size
U can also use penguin web server for Android, it's way better than palapa in terms of size
Nice one.. this Post would certainly help out sometime...
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