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I was working on a project recently that needed this twitter like mention system, at that time i had no access to the internet.

So i came up with this hackey solution (which i wanna share with u guys).
When my internet was back i looked up on google for a better solution couldn't seem to find any. So i decided to share my solution, u never can tell it might save someone hours of trying to figure out what to do

Nodejs {>= es6},

[b]Note[/b]: you must already be familiar with the above.

All thanks to javascript async nature implementing this feature is kinda difficult compare to languages without the async nature
What do i mean? try this out
 class post {

   static getMention(req,res,next) {
     const reg_exp = /@\w+/g;
     const post = req.body.post;
     req.body.post = post.replace(reg_exp,(data) => {
       const username = data.slice(1);//remove @ symbol
       //query database for username and return

if u tried out the code above (including querying the db) it would either return "undefined" or "[object promise]".
The above solution might have worked perfectly in a language without async nature e.g PHP

Now over to the solution
class post{

  static getMentions(req,res,next) {
    return new Promise((resolve,reject)=>{
   const reg_exp = /@\w+/g;
   //get array of mentions
   const arr = req.body.post.match(reg_exp);
     const username = data.slice(1); //remove @ symbol
       'name.user': username
     .then(result => {
    if (result) {
      //find and replace mention in the post
      req.body.tweet = req.body.tweet.replace(data,()=>{
        return `<a href="/api/v1/users/${result.id}">${data}</a>`;

     if (arr.length === 0) resolve();
hackey uhn!!!

i think the source code as explained it self but if u do have any difficulty with d above code,
have a better solution,
or wanna report a bug,
please drop a comment in the comment section


That is very interesting, I believe this will help someone truly.

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