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As we have noticed, JS is the state of the art and buzzing in the trend of programming. It has cut across every aspect of programming and me being a web developer (and a bit desktop thanks to JS) will advise every developer to be at least proficient in JS, it now has a wider application than it used to.

With all that I am authoring a reading circle, just like a mini cohort where we pick a book and set a pace, divide the book into sections and read following judiciously the laid down timetable. We are doing this for beginner and intermediate who is new to JS or finds it to be confusing (as some do say "The world most confusing language is JS").

We are looking for interested devs to kickstart this. Just a commitment and we are good to go.

What we will be doing is dividing the book into chapters, and setting a reading timetable. At the end of the chapter, we will be solving some of the confusing exercises and clearing doubts about it.

The aim is just to create more JS devs with commitments and making the learning easier and well comfortable as would have been done in a tech school.

Africoaders shall we begin?
I am in!
Am interested
Thanks for the interest guys. Let's kick-start this.

First is we need commitment and desire, and the rest will fall on them.

Now we have to pick a book, suggestions are needed. If you guys have any suggest and then we compare and contrast and choose the one that best fits this purpose.

What's your suggestion???
I have started reading from tutorials point already. started two days ago though. why don't we try tutorial sites like w3schools or tutorialspoint?
I am a fan of w3schools, using online resource can be data intensive on some users. Other opinions might turn us using this. Let's see what our third partner has to say. By the way, can we discuss on what you have learnt so far?
I am currently on while loop in tutorials point, i assume i will have gone futher than that before we begin, I am trying to read it everyday. https://www.tutorialspoint.com/javascript/javascript_while_loop.htm
Very good boss, that is the real deal. The commitment and curiosity. Keep learning and we are here if you need clarification.

Well done
I am interested o. I don't know what JS is. Is it a language or a code pattern? :-P

Let's get started soon anyway ;)
Lol, JS is an abbreviation for Javascript. I guess we've waited enough, maybe we should get started. We will be using the You Don't know JS series by Kyle Simpsons. And we will be starting with the first of the series and that's 'Up and Running'. It has a free online reading and paid PDF and printed formats. You can get the PDF somehow if you know your way. Google can help.
Alright let's get started
I Wont Actually Recommend Tutorialspoint.com Javascript Tutorial
W3schools.com Is Better.
Or U Could Try Ot This Ebooks "Speaking Javascript" Or "Eloquent Javascript "
Alright, let's begin.

At this point, I believe we've gotten a copy of the book. And if you've not shoot me a private message by clicking on my username and sending your email(I am unable to upload here and that's a #bug_alert). I shall be sending it in batches so expect them latest 12 a.m tomorrow.

Back to the topic. The book has 3 main chapters:
- Introduction to programming
- Introduction to Javascript
- Introduction to you don't know JS series

We are more concerned about the first two, so I will suggest we take two days each for the first two chapters. Meaning on Wednesday, we'd be reviewing the exercise and on Thursday, we'll be starting with the second chapter which we will treat it's exercise by next weekend.

Pretty cool right. If you have tight schedule I guess you just read when you have free time. The series have a nice read and subtle flow.

I'm starting tomorrow as well and will be reporting my progress as I move.

For accessibility and conveniency, I would suggest if we are using a smart phone to get a Javascript runner on our phone. I use android and I have JS Runner. It's free and available on google play store.

See you again guys. Don't forget to shoot me a mail if you don't have the book.

Nothing can stop us to be world class except our will not to put in commitment to gather that badass drive in us!

Welcome to the road of being a world class developer. See you at the top

As much as I love Eloquent Javascript, it's was like teaching a child Advanced Calculus when I first started JS with little knowledge of the language. It's not meant for beginners IMHO. As we are right he focussing on beginners and intermediate developers. It won't be a nice idea.

I have not read Speaking Javascript, I have nothing to say about it.

Why I suggest YOu Don't Know JS Series is that it fits in our purpose. It's short and concise with beginner centered approach.

Also, it will give us a great sense of accomplishment if we are finishing parts of the series in bits than having a bulky book, that will take us months to. Within a week we should be through with the first. And second week the second and so on. Before we know it, we are on our road to the stardom of world class developers.

Online resources won't be the best, remember, we are in Nigeria, nearly nothing is fully available to an average Nigerian. Data and power will not permit us to use them. This won't be our excuse, PDF and paper back books should be our evidence of struggle.

Hope you get it?
I hope i am not too late
Nay, never too late at all.
Grab your copy of the book (You don't know JS: Up and Running) and we will be on the same page
Ok sir
As much as i wish to learn, lack of practising medium/device is slowing me down!

Despite the inevitable void, caused by not having a minimum of android device, i will like to join the class.

When it reach the level of core practising, i hope to get a means by then.

Thanks for the idea and, most importantly, the follow-up.
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