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Good evening. I needed help on how I could get all this done.
Firstly, am an average HTML and CSS programmer aiming higher. I aimed at becoming App/Software/Web programmer.

My question is this; how can I learn JavaScript, how will I go about it, where to Start and aspect to focus on??

More also, can u outline 10-15 programming languages I needed for App/Web programming In accordance to its level and rates...
Hi @muhammedbashir,

I am a web developer, not an expert though. I will be providing solution just to the first aspect aspect of your question.

Learning JS is not different from the way we learn other things. It's a matter of dedication and how you seem you can learn new tech. Previously, books have been the only learning resource, but in recent times, we now have videos courses and tutorials and other web tutorials.

To me people that learn from the books are better off than people that learned from videos. While books have much space to explain every tiny bit, videos will only walk you through showing and demonstrating how a problem is solved with fear of the size and length kf the video.

Yes videos are good, and even they are better. They make easier grasping of the concept as fast. I will still advise that one should pick up a book after any video course or visit the documentation for better understanding.
Wow, thanks to you sir.

What is it u meant by documentation???
and also is paid eBook d best eBook we can get to learn and understand???
By documentation I mean a place where you can find all the function of JS and information about each function in detail with example usage.

JS lacks this but some third parties have provided an alternative. One I could recollect is Mozilla's available at https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference and Microsoft's available at https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/scripting/javascript/reference/javascript-reference

Either paid or free e-books. Content matters. For me I use quora to gather reviews about the best book to learn the language. Then head to download the book if it meets my criteria.
Thank you sir.
You are always welcome.

We are having a topic for JS reading circle. See it here
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