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Ok I know some of us will remember the N100 Billion Website design by Ministry of Mines and Steel Development.
I check out their website https://portal.minesandsteel.gov.ng/ to see what they got, but not so fancy stuff, it just a web base map exported from one of the GIS software (maybe ArcGIS). ok story for Buhari.

Two years ago I came across a Javascript Mapping Application, I play with it but since am not a coder, i could not do much, but what i was able to come up with is far better than what the ministry got above.

The 1st one I tried was MapFish
The 2nd was Heron Mapping Client (MC) which is more easier than the 1st

For those who can code can we make something out of these

Will update later
More resource here http://maptools.org
Screen shot
Working on the frontend development will not be difficult for a JS coder. The big work is on the Mapserver, the online has to be VPS
Well done. If permitted, what are you trying to achieve by this?
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