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I have been getting many laravel requests from friends and forum members. So I have decided to demystify it a bit.

I know what the documentation says, but sometimes, the documentation does not say it all. There are always some knowledge and experience outside the documentation that are necessary to get the ball rolling.

What Is Laravel?
Laravel is a web application framework with expressive, elegant syntax. In short, it is a tool that can be used to build apps like this website with.
You can build something as complex as Facebook, twitter, jumia, wikipedia using laravel.

What makes laravel special is that it does not really need you to be an expert in order to learn and use Laravel.

I can also tell you that setting up laravel on windows and linux (or mac) are different. In this tutorial, we are going to be looking into all those different setups.

When I am doing tutorials like this, I setup the stuffs really as I post to make sure I am not missing anything. You can read a lot of tutorials online and still have issues.

So everyone, stay tuned on this thread for more on laravel and do a little research on laravel here - https://laravel.com/docs/4.2/introduction
Let me see if I can actually get convinced of looking at it.
No dispute laravel is cool. It makes development easier and fun filled. And above all it makes developers of different levels to be on same page during a team development.
Nice tutorial. I hope we'll learn a thing or two from this. Obviously one of the most popular and powerful[img][/img] web frameworks
Good job
Nice one... :)
Very good people. I hope you guys have installed composer on your system, and been able to configure PHP to work on your CLI.
Configuring composer and PHP to work on your CLI are critical factors to working with laravel.

If you are a windows users, you can just download the executable here to install

Mac users can install composer from the terminal using brew by running:
brew install composer

After installation you can check for the for the version of the installation by running the code below in the terminal (for both PC and MAC users)
composer -V

Visit composer official website for more details

If you have any questions on this, please let me know.
Ok, waiting for continuation
Greetings people, we shall soon continue our tutorial. I was busy fixing some bugs to improve the user experience here.

We are really anticipating to see more here

Cool, nice tutorial. I'm impressed. The laravel development has a lot of opportunities and advantages.

Sir dhtml, when are you going to continue with this tutorial

We are interested oomouthless


Ah, I thought nobody was interested ni o. That is why I ran away, but now that you are here. I shall continue it speedily.


Ok thank you


Part 1:

The very first step to laravel is to install it on your PC.

To setup laravel, I will recommend you go to their website to see how to install it - https://laravel.com/docs/5.7/installation - there is no point in repeating all that.

Next, we shall be looking at building a simple laravel website. Let me know if anyone is having any problems with setting up laravel.

Have done that... I've actually been learning. laravel right now I am building a forum to test my knowledge acquired Please sir am stuck with replacing website address with an anchor tag

Can I see a sample code? I am not too clear on this.


 public function setBodyAttribute($body){
  $url = '~(?:(https?)://([^\s<]+)|(www\.[^\s<]+?\.[^\s<]+))(?<![\.,:])~i';
$this->attributes['body'] = preg_replace($url, '<a href="$0" target="_blank" title="$0">$0</a>', $body);}
This actually works for now but only replace the first url with an anchor tag, any other url in the body doesn't get to be replaced


I dont encourage this your method at all. We shall discuss this later, this requires some analysis.

Ok sir... Please help me fine tune this

This your code is just a regular javaScript code, it has nothing to do with laravel at all. And it is meant to tweak things after page loads, meaning it will fail woefully when javascript is disabled, I dont personally encourage scripts like this.
It is better to generate the correct code from the server-side when possible and not to put critical functions into the hands of javaScript.

But still, if you can give me example of the contents you want to replace, I should be able to assist help to make it replace all - which i believe is what you really want?

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