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Well, I am trying to learn Javascript and I need a teacher to make learning much easier for me. I thought I would see a tutorial thread here but it is unfortunate that none of the gurus here have made such commitment. Abeg una wey sabi make una come teach us Javascript.
I am sorry, I am one of the people that have failed in that aspect. I'm not a guru though, and won't deny the tact that I am not a beginner too.

I have once hosted a book reading cycle in the JS section, received turnout, but commitment was low.
I will love to be of assistance, and you only can determine how.

Where should I begin, continue the book reading cycle with the two of us, or start a new thread on JS tutorials.

I believe in books so much, and one thing you should consider is time on my own side to manage the tutorials. Books will reduce overheads on both of us, make you ahead and you can move at your own pace and without dependence on the tutor.

I await your reply, I'm so much concerned about this
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