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I must say that NODE.JS is really amazing and brings out the best in the ERA of development.

The greatest challenge I have personally faced is hosting, as not every server can host it (unlike PHP/MySQL).

What are the challenges you have faced as a MEAN developer, and how did you overcome them?
Aside from the hosting issues. The main issue is browser compatibility. We are not in a country where everyone pays attention to updating their software. Here the primary browser of an average person is opera mini, firms run old firfox and some still run IE while some haven't heard of Chrome, now imagine having to use a modern front-end framework/library, some users will have a bad experience. And as a hailing dev, I find dependencies so costly. It will be good if you have just a few ones, but when dependency starts pilling, it takes more time for my PC to compile, increases the build size and have memory and data cost on our low memory device user, code splitting can not come in here, it only reduces my bundle size, what of the memory cost on devices with low memory and processor. Aside from memory and data costs, dependencies and browser compatibility, to me every developer should learn mean, makes programming more fun. There is a saying "No new function except that it exists on NPM".
PHP vs NODE JS, Which one to go for? I want to work on CBT web application. Consider that we dey 9ja. Thank.
An interesting question, for me, this boils down to the strength of the developer. NODE.JS is a better alternative than PHP.
Yes NodeJS is a better alternative. It has greater advantages than PHP but I don't see it sending out PHP soon at least in my country, we will still keep using PHP till NodeJS servers are as available as PHP servers.
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