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Good day bosses i need hep on how to generate site my for my developed php site, after generating how do i set it to make google crawl and rank it well

I tink there is an error at this edit button... After editing the post the update button not working but the cancel his

This is a very serious area and many factors come it. SEO is very wide to be honest.
You can however do these basic things:
1. Create a robots.txt like https://africoders.com/robots.txt
2. Create a sitemap.xml like this https://africoders.com/sitemap.xml
3. Go and submit your sitemap here www.google.com/webmasters/

There are many ways of generating your sitemap. Did you use raw php, or you used a framework or cms?


And yes, I have heard reports about this edit button, I am working on a solution for it, sorry for the inconvenience.


i used raw php not framework / cms


You can build a manual site-map, or even use php to generate the sitemap.

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