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First of all download Visual Studio Code from here if you are using windows.
2. Click on the last button on the left hand side(that is after installing and running VSCode)
3. Type in 'Go' and hit enter.
4. Look for Go extension by lukehoban and click on it, then click Install.
5. Restart VSCode.
6. Press Ctrl + N to create a new file.
7. Type in the following code:
package main import "fmt" func main() { fmt.Println("hello world") }
8. A popup would come: click Install All and wait for all the packages to install.
9. Restart VSCode and enjoy.
Internet connection, Go, and Git are required.
Well done sir, I can get those steps till No 6, what extension should I save the file with,
Number 6 what will trigger the pop-up. And downloading go and installing go, can you help expantiate?


I have joined the tutorial, I must learnt this golang, I have been hearing so much about it.

So let me illustrate what I did in case any newbie like me is confused.

save it as .go and oga dhtml has already posted and image to clear confusions
U can download and install Go here
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