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I will be sharing some tips on android app development.

1. Android app developer should always consider ram usage, most android app don't think far on how to reduce phone ram usage. Firstly what you should look into is ram usage of app because this annoy some app consumer, you should be able to consider what image, bitmap you should use for your app.

2. Crash, the worst part in app is crash, when app crash on consumer device it frustrate the consumer to uninstall and give bad review, I will be sharing tutorial on how to create your own custom crash report with admin panel on this board.

3. App icon should be in different pixel and in 3D form to attract user in using your android app

4. Tracking user, I won't talk much about this you can track user app usage by getting system time on onResume method and also onPause method and also minus it in onPause, I will drop tutorial on that with admin panel very soon.

Nice post, can we err see one of your great and wonderful apps?
yea don't really know how to handle d site looking for where to upload image
Nice tips over there. Android folks gotta learn new things from this
The image upload has been noted and will be resolved.
yea, what will keep my ball rolling is comment.
We are right here watching after you boss. Just keep it rolling.
thanks really appreciate your support.
I think you should give thanks to dhtml for giving us the opportunity.
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