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goodmuyis Sep 5 '19

Yes! You should try CyberPanel, and alternative cPanel, it provides within box tools needed to manage a webhost server. There is Enterprise Edition and Opensource which is what you will want to have.

I have being considering it a bad idea at this age of Web Technology to think that Cheap shared hosting can accommodate your client's websites, where you will join the league of other 50 websites where you will be fighting for 16gb RAM and 8 Core CPU on a single server. You know the repercussion yourself.

What if you can buy a VPS or CloudVPS that will be as cheap as $5 (N2k+) a month and you can get up to 1GB Ram (or more) and 2Core CPU and you can load all the 7 Wordpress on it, where you have a fast a smooth running website, that is what you get when you explore CyberPanel

I have being looking for a solution like this and it works. With CyberPanel can host as many websites you like... please find out more about it features. For a start you can try Free Tier of Google Cloud or Amazon to test before throwing all your site into it.

Other things you need to worry about is security of site and data, update to server should not be a problem since CyberPanel itself is more of a software stack and will provide means of updating obsolete component. Tweaking the server to make it faster with caching should be considered as well.

I rest my case here till I find something new

goodmuyis Sep 6 '19

Here is Speed test on same site hosted on Cloud Server vs Shared Hosting but same Drupal site

https://afoa.ga => Clound Server (Cyberpanel testing) https://afoa.com.ng => Shared Hosting (Nigeria host)

Compare the link here https://gtmetrix.com/compare/qCwxYF3f/Uxw9qX5E

Stats Clound Server: load site in 1.6s Shared Hosting: load site in 22.8s +21.1s to get the page ready

Clound Server: vCPU1 1 core 614 MB Ram Shared Hosting: 32 cpus (ram not available)

The advantage is that your small website does not have to compete with others in resources usage

dhtml Sep 7 '19

I need to try out all the above in the nearest future. They look pretty interesting especially the cyberpanel.