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We all know that learning HTML requires one from building from the scratch most times.

I shall be explaining how to design HTML very briefly on this thread. 

Thank you for your great patience!
The very first thing you need to know is the HTML is the building foundation of the web. All websites use HTML at some points, whether they are CMS or whatever.
What is CMS sir.
CMS is an acronym for Content Management System. It is what wordpress, joomla, drupal, oxwall and likes are.

They allow you to manage content of your sites(user data, files) from no to minimal coding. With CMS one doesn't have to be a programmer to create websites, just a function of click drag and drop etc.

The greatest disadvantage of CMS is that you are limited if you don't know how to code. As some functionality that is required might not be featured or deficit for the purpose at hand.
Another advantage most people say is that CMS comes prepackaged with too much feature than might be necessary for the task at hand.

Above all CMS is a good tool for non programmers and a great tool for programmers that knows their onions.
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What is the difference between CMS and Frameworks?
As I had said. CMS allows you to manage the content of a website using a gui to interface with the code that generate the content. Frameworks as the name implies, a like skeleton where the body in being built on. Frameworks demands the user to be a programmer as it provides minimal to no graphical user interface (gui) to interact with it. They help make development easier and faster for the developer by having already built in always in demand functionality.

Simple put CMS allows you to build an application that it content can be controlled from a GUI(front end) with little to no coding skill while frameworks gives you the skeleton to build a site on with little to no Frontend(gui), and demand the user to be a programmer to some extent.
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I will ask more newbie questions so he will continue. I know many of the newbies will learn from this simple Qs & As.
When am I to use a CMS or Framework is doing my work?
I'm sorry, I've not been active here recently. To answer your question 'When to use CMS and framework?'

I would say when you got to handle weird stuffs. Weird here I mean special tasks that will demand you to churn out algorithms and implementations. Tasks like session handling, file management, users data, security and likes.

Let's narrow the question down, when to use a framework.

I will say use a framework when you are competent to write enough codes. There are things that frameworks won't give, already defined user roles, extension and plugins, no framework has that. You have to build them yourself. And you have to separate the frontend logic from backend as frameworks too doesn't come with that.

When to use CMS.
When you don't want to write much codes and need a system already in place with enough logic to handle the task at hand. CMS are great for tasks that requires frontend and back-end to be inplace in due time. They come with plugins and extensions giving the ability of bending the system to any angle. To better enjoy CMS I employ the user to know how to code, this would give a great advantage and increased output.

The question now is if CMS are providing whole lot, why frameworks then.

It all boil down to individual preferences. But to me tasks and time help in making the decision. Imagine the amount of time it would take having to write the whole of this site, with its level of security and authentications, user roles and likes from scratch. It will take months to achieve by a single developer. Now imagine a logistic web app where users can make an enquiry and get information and place an order and track as well. This to me can be handled by a framework.

The both of them shouldn't be confused or misplaced. They will ever have their roles.
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I will ask more newbie questions so he will continue. I know many of the newbies will learn from this simple Qs & As.
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Can we say CMF stand inbetween CMS and Framewok?

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