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Here are some few materials you will need in starting Go:
1. Go tutorial in pdf format here
2. A 50mins video on basic Go
3. Go for web development here
What are the possibilities of this language?
Go is mostly used in webdev. Dropbox moved from python to go for some of their processes, netflix use go, google too use go. Learning go is useful because of its growing popularity.
That's like it looks promising. Might have check it out during my free time.

Thanks for the explanantion @goldenboi
Yh.. u can drop by this forum when u are ready to learn
Already following your thread. Needs some clarifications on the thread though.
Feel free to ask questions
I have started the golang class already, but with all the weight I am throwing around. Hard to concentrate, but I will sha.
Keep up the good work.
Nice, hw can I contribute?
Contribute eh? I cannot say, but you can figure out something. Meanwhile, you can send those smileys to my mail dhtml
(at) africoders (dot) com
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