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What's the difference between MySQL and NoSQL?
SQL databases are like automatic transmission and NoSQL databases are like manual transmission. Once you switch to NoSQL, you become responsible for a lot of work that the system takes care of automatically in a relational database system. Similar to what happens when you pick manual over automatic transmission. Secondly, NoSQL allows you to make more performance out of the system by eliminating a lot of integrity checks done by relational databases from the database tier. Again, this is similar to how you can get more performance out of your car by driving a manual transmission versus an automatic transmission vehicle.
I just hope say me I sabi sql like this boss. He's done justice to the question.
Thanks for the response.

Looking at the two, which is better to deploy for robust projects where you have high traffic and rapid select, insert, update, delete queries hitting the SQL engine from users every second?
Very easy to understand especially using the car analogy.
@abrahamthebest another one for youoooo
I am not a pro in SQL but it think it will be wise to use the MySQL bcoz NoSQL is manual and require more attention and time cuz its kind of manual but MySQL is easy and stress free....
Well, speaking performance wise. From proven usage stats. NoSql is better kf MySQL simply because MySQL creates additional layer under the hood. With NoSql you write everything that you need yourself. No implicit or unnecessary checks. But who is ready for that. And though caching mechanisms are used to better improve MySQL, and because of its popularity, MySQL has plugins and customized features that could enhance it's performance better or as much as NoSql. Should you now change to NoSql, I will suggest not too soon., till it starts getting traction. And that is like an realisable foresight to me.
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