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Same thing here..

Yh, I noticed massive changes to the forum too. Nice work


The whole something is moving forward little by little my friend, thanks for dropping in.

@dhtml how do we submit our work for the competition?

Just open a bitbucket something and send me the download via email - support@africoders.com


I just sent a mail to the address provided.

Please let me know if you have seen it.

Thank you!


I've sent mine.. confirm receipt pls....

I have seen them, we don shift the final deadline to 5th of January. So that more people can submit. Meanwhile, you guys can continue work for now.

any endpoint to view User profile?
About the logging in of users Does the token generated expires? Whenever a new login is being initialized, what happens to the old token? Does the new token generated on login overrides the old one or its just a list of tokens? Per login

The old token is gone permanently, at least for now. Remember this API is just a temporary one for this competition only.
There is an endpoint for that, i must have forgotten to document it. Make i look for am.


To view user profile, just use https://api.africoders.com/v1/profile/6 where 6 is the profile/user id.

Hello dthml, Please pardon my curiousity but is there a reason why we're no longer getting any update, as regards this competition? I would really love to know. Thanks. I await your response. Best regards, Kayode.

Hehehe, I have been overtaken by some things, but we will be back to the rewards as soon as possible. Apologies for the delay.

Accepted. I just felt the whole thing has taken much longer than envisaged. Also, I came across the thread on Nairaland, didn't like one of the comments.

It does not matter, people can run their mouth anyhow they like, na bad-belle something dey worry them

Alright sir! Eagerly anticipating the results. Hoping for the very best! Have a great time!
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