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PHP is a very popular programming language that is best known for its role in web development.
It is a very powerful and a very popular language at the same time.

On this thread, I shall be describing strengths of PHP Programming language.
Testing the comment
Testing the comment should have been on another dummy thread, and even not with that pissure
@dhtml is a bad somebody oh. What kind of temptation if this? Abi is PHP now synonymous with Eroticity?
Shey, you sef see am? Where is that bots set to come and Ban DHTML!!!
See all these trolls o? Imagine, no respect for a senior troll again sef.
They got promoted, by the board while you were busy coding it. Continue with the PHP tuts. We have new things to learn I am very sure of.
Yeah, we have new things to learn especially with the introductions in the PHP 7.
I love PHP7, eloquent and neat with super increased performance.
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