I just released VS Code Tweet - A Twitter client one click away at VS CODE sideb …

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I just released VS Code Tweet - A Twitter client one click away at VS CODE sidebar⚡. Code, Tweet, and loop. ??

No more switching of windows while coding and trying to tweet, do it inside VS CODE?.

Get from VS Code market place

Full walkthrough on how to setup

Full walkthrough on how to setup

Git Hub Repo


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    I commend you for this; but seriously, why would a coder whose full attention is needed to develop or repair a software; be tweeting at the same time? Perhaps, you might say for faster communication. But who uses twitter for realtime communication in a team when there is #slack . .  You might want to rethink this. if you wanna put out a software; make sure it solves a problem. You could do something like grabbing all my codes from vscode into eclipse or atom (without a need to switch editors) and vice versa . . .OR a cloud save for all my codes in a given editor; so i can login from another pc and continue where i stopped exactly.


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    What if he makes the something to enable to "post" to Africoders timeline?

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    Well, I do tweet while coding and that was why I did it. 

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    WIP on cloud IDE.

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    Slack, hmm  do it 

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    Tweet while coding . . Good for you !

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