Five(5) Ways To Becoming A Better Programmer

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Truth be told, becoming a better Programmer/Web Developer isn’t just something someone acquire easily, it’s a gradual process and should be monitored over time. You keep getting better!!!

Here are some steps towards making yourself better, based on personal experience.

1. Start Learning With The Easiest Means: Hey!, learning with the easiest means depends on you as a person, some folks learn faster and better with books, some others learn faster with tutorial videos while some make use of both. When I started programming for instance, I got materials (both books and videos) and my mentor prefers book, so I also thought books will just be perfect for me. So after reading and reading for a while, I got bored and It’s not sinking, so then I switched to watching tutorial videos and I started getting along with It fine. So be sure which is best for you, don’t assume what work for others also work for you.

2. Persistency Does It: Trust me when I say programming can be shitty, yeah, it can, most especially for beginners, so many times will you write bunch of codes only to find out at the end, it’s not running or better say, it’s not doing exactly what you want. There the problem lies, you’ll then be extremely frustrated, LOL… Yeah, it’s expected, but if you want to get better, you gotta be ready to do it over and over again. Don’t Give Up Just Yet!

3. Write Codes, Don’t Just Do Exercises: Working on personal programming projects has many advantages. One of it is, it gives you a way to learn tools and techniques that aren’t available or required in your exercises and trust me, and it’ll make you marketable for the next job. Try to contribute to an open source project, you’ll gain tech skills and self-confidence, also try to work with teams, it’ll help you learn faster and Hey!, don’t you ever stop learning.

4. “The Code Works”, This Is Just The Beginning: Yes, you heard me right, you code works isn’t the end of it all, it’s just the beginning to getting better. Learn to make it better, Average Programmers relax at this point and be thinking of the next big thing to get themselves on. But then, relaxing or stopping at this point is like taking a snapshot and expecting it to be a work of art. What do I mean by make it better? “Wouldn’t it be nice if I make it faster?”, “Wouldn’t it be cool if I clean it up the code a lil. bit?”, “Wouldn’t it just be perfect is I make it more reliable?” Yes. Those are the questions you should start attending to. Make It Better!

5. Practice! Practice!! Practice!!! : Don’t you ever stop practicing, do it over and over again. Polish your skills and there you are good to go. When I started coding, I got to a point I was getting along pretty cool, so started neglecting my practice time due to one thing or the other, one day I found out that I’m not getting any better, but instead, I’m now finding some stuffs more difficult to achieve. That feeling hurts, then I gotta do a lot of revising, got back myself and ever since, I don’t neglect the place of practice, just like a believer will not neglect the place of prayer! LOL…..

So with these 5 points, you are good to becoming a better developer/programmer!!!


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    This is just the trick of how to do it. It might be tough a bit, but you will get it eventually.

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    kudos to the writer....
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    I can relate. Just started and its not easy at all. Facts !

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