How to Setup a Linux Server to be Access from Internet

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I am getting a proposal that will require making provision for a premises server, with few packages to be installed such as mysql etc.
Am not sure if they are going to have a static ip from their isp or dynamic from a dhcp server. In either case i need to prepare before they hand the job over to me. I know that in either case i will need to setup a dns configuration that will make the server visible to internet.
If you have worked on one kindly give me a pointer and my self will continue to search the web.
Also, which distro will you recommend


  • Chosen OS Distro: CentOS7 (about 4Gb download)
    I don't have any preference for this, i just follow my instinct, even though i have been using Ubuntu lately.

  • Nice post chief.

    We are following!

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