Nodejs achievements

*PayPal experienced double the number of request per-second and reduce response time by 35%.

*Groupon re-implemented their system in Node.js which helped them in dropping the page load time by a whopping 50%.

*LinkedIn moved to Node.js from Rails for their mobile traffic whereby reducing the number of servers from 30 to 3 and the new system was up to 20x faster.

*Most of the development in Uber was done in Node 0.8. Then they moved to Node 0.10 in six months. According to Tom, node 0.10 is super stable and works well. Technologists say that heart of 15 billion dollar business is written as server-side Node. Reliable distributed systems with replication and geospatial databases are written in Node.

*Few years back GoDaddy employed some quite experienced Java and .NET. They could easily make out that it was the future of an agile company, hence to start with cultural shift they began prototyping Node.js applications in the year 2013. The front-end of GoDaddy always relied on JavaScript and single-page applications by that time, but the backend ran in .Net stack. To increase the hosting capabilities, company decided to revamp its entire backend to a node.js based infrastructure.

So, finally let’s know what made them switch to Node.js:

Node allows easy building applications with high confidence in build quality

Unit testing is easier in Node.js

Integration testing is also simplified

REST is simplified and deployments are easier.

During the ‘Puppet Master’ SuperBowl ad in 2014, GoDaddy faces biggest scaling challenges. They aimed at 100 million people as viewers to visit a website, made by one of their customers with their Website Builder app. During that time GoDaddy’s infrastructure handled 13.000 RPS’ with ~87ms TTFB (Time To First Byte) on an average day. But this was not enough and they had to think bigger and better both. They estimated that website alone has to handle 10.000 requests per second. In order to support such huge amount of traffic the site would require manual migration to its own cluster which must comprise of 12 servers, but they were succeeded.

According to Stephen, GoDaddy now can handle the same load with only 10% of the hardware than before using Node.js. They succeeded in fewer server management. They were able to serve 1.7 million requests per month and survived DDOS attacks with basically zero impact by using Node.js. Node.js has been boon to GoDaddy in terms of talents acquisition. They firmly believe that Node allowed the increasing number of downloads, high number of enterprise adoption and contributed to the massive growth of startup.

*Netflix chose Node.js as they wanted a common language to write the same code. Therefore, writing once and running it everywhere. This served a great aid to developers who were constantly busy in switching all the time between Java and JavaScript.

So, now Netflix is running more as a single page application, and with a rich user experience. Now Node.js is used on the entire website.

*Medium, Rhitten, ebay, Nasa platform etc are written in Nodejs

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