I heard Many guys saying getting married to a female Programmer

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I heard Many guys saying  getting married to a female Programmer Will be very cool but too me it seems improper.  i can only have a girl developer as a girl friend only.

My Reasons

As we all know, we programmers work throughout the night and mostly sleep in the morning, but for a wife house this isn't cool at all.... by the time she is suppose to be taking care of the children, she  will be busy snoring on bed like  ........grinsmile  

So what do u think on this issue???????????///


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    I think it is very humourous!

  • AyoAyo
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    No isn't.. Advice your boys
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    do you have a female developer, you can recommend my way clinkingglasses

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    Some have food, but cannot eat

    Some can eat but have no food...

    We want food that we can eat..

    Glory be to africoders...

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    When it isn't your kind of food, just pass it on. You must not eat every meal set before you.
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    I dont personally buy the idea mind you. I like diversity.

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    Me I need a female dev as a wife oo @dhtml abeg help import { programmers } from 'Female';
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    It will be pretty boring

  • How on earth did I miss this? After getting married, the Honeymoon is going to be for ehm coding training. because all my kids must learn how to code, even if they are going to choose another career.

    I knew a medical doctor who can code

  • Coughs una don start again o.

  • Lol! It will be nice though but there will be regrets at the end cause you both won't have time for the family except you plan on not having kids :#

  • This is a no no for me oooo.

    I tell about algorithms, you tell about arms of government.
    I tell you how computer works, you tell me about how our brain/system/process does.
    I tell about a problematic code, you tell about a problematic file/process

    I lie that I have been coding all day but watching youtube, you lie that you have been in the office but already at that owambe!
    I want to progress my coding career, you want to progress your **** career!

    No competion
    Each one moves at their own pace!
    Children grows knowing SO MUCH and WIDE!
    We live a blended life between a HAS NO LIFE and HAS TOO MUCH LIFE!

    That is how I see it ooo...

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