I heard some guys having argument about the best php frame work. So i decided to …

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I heard some guys having argument about the best php frame work.

So i decided to bring the discussion down to africoder. "Which PHP framework do you think his the best your reasons"



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    That is an argument that will never end, my best answer is LARAVEL. It is the best php framework I have used, but as I have not used EVERY PHP framework, so I cannot say.
    The answers will depend on the experience of the commenter.

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    Laravel all the way :)
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    LARAvel is great. SLIM is slim but MIGTHY.
    slim is light wieght php framework that any php programmer can pickup for restful api, it gives you free will unlike laravel and most others that makes you feel like you learning new keywords or mastering another php language.

    mind you....ALL FRAMWORKS SUCKS AND I HATE THEM ALL...if you are not employed in an organisation that uses it, the truth is you dont need it. if you seek employment pick LARAVEL.

    if you have no option but to learn framework php go for light weigth ones like slim, you can build anything with it and also follow your own protocol, use your own native and straight php code.

    I will appreciate frameworks more if am working with c#(ASP.Net)or python(Jango/flask->lightwiegth) because they cant just work better without those framwork but php can do better and on its own without framworks only if php programmers learn and follow best practice.


    I will compare framwork and vanila php one of this days maybe few people here will see my point.
  • What is the best framework in NODEJS? Any takers @limistah what is your take?

  • I will give it to HapiJS

  • HapiJS eh, no problem, I will check it out and see.

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