Announcement: I am working on an upgrade feature and things are bound to scatter a bit. 
You can just login with your regular accounts and passwords (no need to reset password), social logins still work (though some of the handles have been removed).

The updates are rather subtle, and you may just not notice them unless you have been paying really good attention.

New Features/Updates
- security feature to throw out other logged in accounts when you change password
- implementing a proper search algorithm, no longer using the google cse stuff which does not really give the result in the proper format. 
- the profile avatar setting has improved. Now you can have your original picture and recrop anytime you like, plus the cropping is better ... See More
I hate coding but #Drupal keep pushing me towards it.
@dhtml will you recommend having clusters of custom module or pack them inside one package, especially those one with not more than 10 lines
Seriously I think #Drupal Custom Search module Is useless to me, where you can make use of View Expose Filter, the Exposed form in block : Yes
@dhtml i think you pack all the #drupal custom modules inside one dir especially
EPP me #Drupal is running in my blood. I was reading Bible Yesterday and I came across a word but what comes to my mind was Drupal render()
author wrote:
Zechariah 9:12
Turn you to the strong hold, ye prisoners of hope: even to day do I declare that I will render double unto thee;
Ok Am coming from Wordpress where you can just grab one of the Popular Slider Plugin that has over 50,000 install and it will be easy for you to work with.

When I get to #Drupal at first I thought is going to be that easy, but it took me a long time to figure out what I need. As time passed, I discovered I could use View Module and Other Slider Libraries to get a nice slider on any website so watchout for my tutorial