#bug_alert I should say
We call that #bug_alert alert. It was formally limited to 140 and later increased to 240. I think he's running experiment on it. And as to popping it up, I don't think that's needed as a post is auto-collaped when it gets to a certain character count. And the line breaks, those guys are proving stubborn. But I'm sure they will be attended to. Thanks for the tests. Thanks for the feedback. They help us improve the community. Long live Africoders
Is PHP Better Than Python?
Python No

or am i the only one seeing this? lol
#bug_alert @dhtml
When trying to edit polls this error occurs

Request Time-out

Server timeout waiting for the HTTP request from the client.

Additionally, a 408 Request Time-out error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
So far these tags have being populated. Some are for forum topics, some are for feedbacks.
#bug_alert #feature_alert #suggestion #php #js #html

This is getting interesting
#bug_alert the pagination seems not to be working
#bug_alert @dhtml image uploaded in forum looks distorted on mobile view kindly find a fix to that