Yes o. I can finally teach my students Web Coding with free internet. Uploading Tutorials and Documentation. 

Tell your friends they can browse Africoders on freebasic for free on Desktop and laptop, after install any user-agent switcher browser extension, switching to any mobile U-A will bypass the captive page

#feature_alert #F_A Wiki Plugin for documentation and tutorial (can be added to future consideration)

#feature_alert The footer is not useful with the post autoload more, it should be moved to right-sidebar, and i don't know if am the only one who thinks the man content area is too wide the right side will still be needed anyway

Upvote... #feature_alert niyenoo. Who is supporting the motion?
So far these tags have being populated. Some are for forum topics, some are for feedbacks.
#bug_alert #feature_alert #suggestion #php #js #html

This is getting interesting