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#suggestion @dhtml Consider the css below for profile picture display. 
*FIXES:* If no picture is available, it cause text overlapping on content

Code:.statuses-media .user-picture img{  margin: 0px;   min-width: 40px;   min-height: 40px;   display: block;   background: #ccc;   overflow:hidden } #status-picture {   float: left;   height: 40px;   width: 40px; } #statuses a.username { font-weight: 600}

Now Let me test if Mark down for **bold** and _italic_ will work
#suggestion How about adding a web based code playground for HTML, CSS, JS and if possible PHP, e.t.c to the Explore Features, Won't That Be Nice.

2. How about adding an infinite loader feature to the real time discussion on the homepage and on statuses for browsers that support it and classic paginations for those that don't. just like FB does.

3. how about adding vote up and vote down features to comments and status in real time discussion section instead of 'like'. 'like' looks more social but 'vote up & down' more geekish and its widely accepted by programmer's community e.g stackoverflow
So far these tags have being populated. Some are for forum topics, some are for feedbacks.
#bug_alert #feature_alert #suggestion #php #js #html

This is getting interesting