Good Afternoon, Everyone. Presently facing a problem with printing to suit a POS …

Wed 23 Jan, 2019 02:05 pm

Good Afternoon, Everyone. Presently facing a problem with printing to suit a POS paper size from a VB.NET software that I have developed. I have tried using itextsharp pdf library but still no tangible result and likewise some basic printing process...I do kindly need a way out of this.



Wed 23 Jan, 2019 03:50 pm

I have only worked on this kind of stuff on PHP. If it would help, maybe I can share one or two ideas.


Thu 24 Jan, 2019 03:13 pm

But have you tried printing on a normal printer with A4 size printer? If Yes and the output look somewhat like what POS will give out, then you are on the right path. What remains is printer setup from the OS.

I once encountered a problem trying to configure the print on Win7, spent a lot of time before I could figure it out.


Thu 24 Jan, 2019 04:06 pm

I developed a stock manager that had to print receipts upon purchases.

The printing solution was to design a responsive table that handled the data of what was to be printed.

Depending on what you want to print out, you can decide to use css styling for your media print, then create a meta in your headers for it.

You don't need to bother yourself about configuring your system to print this or that except just configuring your thermal printer to be able to print. Once that is done, go to the browser you want to use for the printing and set your layouts as you desire for the printing. Any browser you don't configure to print using the correct layout will print wrongly. This is exactly what the bet shops use but their system engineer never tells them the secret so they get to call them all the time.

Would you require any further helps, voice out or use the PM to connect me.


Fri 25 Jan, 2019 07:09 am

Great Thanks @Omnipotens and @Goodmuyis. I will follow-up with your suggestions.