Fri 25 Jan, 2019 05:16 pm

You are welcome our friend, oya, where are the reviewers?


Tue 29 Jan, 2019 10:00 am

You have asked for a review before and I pointed out few things that am not going to repeat. But I will advise you to just STOP

  • => Redefine your goal and start-all-over
  • => Don't pack too much in the Box, 
  • => Start You Development gradually and expand the features
  • => It is better to start a SN Dev from the base so you can control everything. Use CMS/CMF if you cannot code much like me

It is not easy to scale a SN, AC is over a year but we are still less than 100 active.


Tue 29 Jan, 2019 12:11 pm
I've gone through the details of all that and we're ready and I know what it entails to get the users on board and on FZ we do have a lot of active users, m asking for review to get ideas from fellow devs.

Thanks for the advice anyways


Tue 29 Jan, 2019 07:55 pm

Let me check again:

Issue 1: Register
- I filled the signup form, made a mistake intentionally, all the fields became blank post submission
- So i have to start filling all over again
- why is it that i cannot copy and paste in the signup form? security measure?
- how come the signup form bounces left and right on mouse drag? effect?

Issue 2: Login
- any mistake in the login form, you start all over again
- how come i have to click retry to show the login form again? DDOS precaution?

Issue 3: forgot password
- since i had an account before, i tried using password recovery, and all i see on the page is: File not found.

Issue 4: register success
- when i registered, the page simply redirects to login2 without any message whatsoever whether it was successfully or failed. But i know it was successful since i did not get an error message (note: no success message)
- i dont get logged in automatically, and yet did not get a welcoming email (one must be present now)

Issue 4: home page
- After logging in successfully, the site is too gaddamn slow for me to use. This one rolling here and there is too much me to bear.
- If you want to ajaxify, then ajaxify everything like facebook. If not, simply allow everything to load normally.

Issue 5: Home page versions
- I can see you have several versions of home page
- The one that is default seem too scanty for me
- congrats, the site show you have 2k+ users active online which is quite remarkable

Issue 6: Friend requests
- How is it that I am getting 2 friend requests immediately i signed up without any activity? How did those 2 people notice me in the first place?

Overall assessment:
- This your website does not pass for me as something that should be in production to be honest.
- Based on the bugs, missing links and many other inconsistencies that I have observed, I am not sure that this site is actually ready for 2k+ users.

Now someone mentioned that Africoders does not have up to 100 active users at a time, which is quite correct. This version of africoders as far as i am concerned is still in developmental mode, I am still working on patches and fixes, and have still got a number of things to do before it is actually ready for plenty active members. Getting members is not my concern right now to be honest, but getting things done properly so that people can use the whole stuffs seamlessly.


Tue 29 Jan, 2019 08:50 pm
Truth is I was looking forward to a thorough criticism from u since I look up to u.
And it was wonderful
I've started working on the issues you mentioned that are really important.
You can check it out here

And Fz is still very much in its developmental stages so it's a step at a time.
Thank you


Tue 29 Jan, 2019 08:57 pm

You are welcome, also, I hate seeing links like .php, index5.php -- just use routes directly. If you are not using a framework, at least use a decent php router like or even


Thu 31 Jan, 2019 07:58 pm

dhtml went to study medicine in school so he can become code physician/surgeon.

That is one good thing about having a major in another field, the become a coder, you will have a broad application of your knowledge