Sat 09 Feb, 2019 08:27 pm

Nay, it is not compulsory. Use any approach you think is best based on your skillsets.


Sat 09 Feb, 2019 08:46 pm

my personal view, there are various reasons frameworks exist, and the basics being easy security patches , ease and speed of development, ease in maintenance and code reusability to name a few.

If you are working on a school project and plan on learn a thing or two from it , then go ahead and build without a framework, but if you plan on working on an "enterprise" class project , please save yourself the stress and frustration of having to build everything by yourself, plus most clients don't have all day waiting for you to reinvent the wheel. 


Sun 10 Feb, 2019 04:34 am

Thanks so much, am going to share the link to the project once am able to implement some of the envisioned features


Sun 10 Feb, 2019 07:13 am

Netghost is more than correct, you build a good strong project with a framework. Truth be told, if I have to build a school portal, i wont do so without a framework.