Wanna Work in Nigeria Tech Space? Learn PHP (Vanilla, CodeIgniter, YII2, Laravel …

Fri 03 May, 2019 12:31 pm

Wanna Work in Nigeria Tech Space? Learn PHP (Vanilla, CodeIgniter, YII2, Laravel).

Try to Imagine and search for those keywords beginners come up with while starting their DEV Journey, and you will be amazed and confused at how recently PHP has been badmouthed for Insecurity, Spaghetti Codes, Pain in the Ass etc, and being see as fastly loosing ground in TECH SPACE, So many blogs and articles are talking about new languages and Framework being used by industries nowadays for their backend services, the likes of Javascript(NodeJs,Express, Polymer), Erlang(Cowboy). Well Most of these languages  and frameworks have their strengths and weaknesses, as an intermediate web developer myself I started with Node and Express, and I can tell you I have no regrets whatsoever, but recently moved to using PHP (Vanilla, Nimble and Laravel) for some reasons shared below which I think should also motivate you to pick PHP UP as your primary language if you want towork in Nigeria tech industries.

1.    Most Companies in Nigeria uses PHP (Damiris, Invoice.ng, Pass.ng,        Anakle,Hotels.ng, Timbu) and so much.

    Believe me most tech companies in Nigeria runs and build products using PHP.

2. Most Solutions in Nigeria are built with PHP.

    Yes! Most web solutions here in Nigeria are powered by PHP.  Think of 

    VoguePay, Pass.ng, Fastcash, Invoice.ng, Hotels.ng and many more.

3. Most School Portals in Nigeria runs on PHP.

    This is where I believe PHP is mostly used, every school portal I have ever come across     uses either PHP, PHP Framework or PHP powered CMS e.g Lautech(Joomla), U.I     (Drupal), FUTA(CodeIgniter) etc.

4. Most Job listings in Nigeria requires PHP as skills compare to others

    You can do the search yourself.

5. Most companies are looking for developers to maintain their legacy system.

    Don't think Nigeria companies are like those whites who mostly keep up to date with     the latest tech tools out there. Our motto here is "So as long as it is working; Keep it".

6. Hosting Companies in Nigeria support PHP first, then others.

    I can give you a long list of Nigeria hosting companies that support PHP and ASP.NET,     but you hardly find few with support for Python, Ruby, NodeJs, Erlang, Go etc. For those     you have to go Foreign: Heroku, PythonAnywhere, Azure, DigitalOcean and the     GrandPa of them all AWS etc.

7. You can find the cheapest Hosting ever.

    Take a look at Point No:6. Products with more than Suppliers comes cheap.

8. The PHP Community in Nigeria is like Omi-Okun.

    Pardon me for the omi-okun (Ocean). But the community is Just too big

9. Laravel will make your life peaceful

    Yep! If you are a lover of Simple, Beautiful and Elegant code, then Go for laravel,     except for those '$' , '->' and ' :: ' you wont even know you are writing PHP.

10. PHP will Put Food on your table Faster than any other languages

    This may sound funny but a countless amount of people worldwide live with PHP.

    A quora user writes: "They tell me PHP is Bad and is going extinct, but each day I smile     to bank, its because of PHP".

11. Africoders, Larisoft Runs on PHP

    Even the great DHTML, and LARISOFT  put somethings into consideration before     Picking PHP.

SideNote: For now learn NodeJS (Express, Hapi, AdonisJs) only if you are looking to work remotely or Freelance.

Pardon Me for all typos praying.

Disclaimer: This Post and its contents are just my opinion and is strictly for educational purpose only.



Fri 03 May, 2019 08:47 pm

Thanks for this bro. I got tired of people telling that learning PHP is a waste of time as if it is their time I am wasting. I will continue to learn and develop though. 


Fri 03 May, 2019 08:49 pm

BTW can you please drop your WhatsApp number? I want to talk to you on something personal (PHP related). Thanks.


Sat 04 May, 2019 12:59 am

Like I always say: ONLY A DUMBASS will say php is a waste of time. Ada as a programming language was designed in 1977 and guess what, it's still used by NASA and the United States DOD !!!

And that's just one out of many examples. If NASA can still incorporate 1977 languages; then who the fuck are you to judge php that was developed only yesterday.

And funniest thing, is that stuffs like these come from kids who can only write "if else" statements and nothing else